Introduction:  1. The king’s letter to the world (v1-3).  2. The king’s dream (v4-27).  3. The king’s nightmare (v28-33).  4. The king’s confession: Your Kingdom come! (v34-37)  Conclusion: 

The Blazing Furnace

August 5, 2018
Introduction:  1. The king’s golden folly (v1-7).  2. The miracle of resistance (v8-18).  3. The miracle of rescue (v19-27).  4. The king’s golden confession (v28-30).  Conclusion: 

The Statue and the Stone

July 29, 2018
Introduction:  1. A funny thing happened in the palace last night! (v1-13)  2. Daniel responds with wisdom and tact (v14-23).  3. The mystery of the King’s dream is revealed (v24-49)…

Against the Flow

July 22, 2018
Introduction:  1. The background to Daniel’s life (v1-2).  2. God’s grace in the midst of tragedy (v3-7).  3. Integrity (v8-17).  4. Standing before the King (v18-21)  Conclusion:  What am I…