Homeward Bound

July 1, 2018
Introduction:  1. Patience (v7-12)  • The farmer and the judge (v7-9).  • The prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord (v10-11).  • Oaths and vows: Be careful what…

Redefining Success

June 24, 2018
Introduction:  1. How NOT to succeed in business (4:13-17).  2. How NOT to succeed in life (5:1-6).  3. Refining success (Matthew 6:19-21).  Conclusion: 

War and Peace

June 10, 2018
Introduction: 1. Conflict in the Church (v1-3). 2. Sleeping with the Enemy (v4-6). 3. Submit yourselves to God (v7-10). 4. Make Peace, not War! (v11-12) Conclusion: • When Christians fight,…

Two Kinds of Wisdom

June 3, 2018
Introduction: 1. The nature of godly wisdom (v13). 2. Compare the pair (v14-18) a. Worldly wisdom (v14-16) b. Godly wisdom (v17-18) 3. Sowing and reaping (v18). Conclusion:

Taming the Tongue

May 27, 2018
Introduction: 1. Teachers beware! (v1-2) 2. The power and potential of the tongue (v3-6). 3. An impossible task? (v7-8) 4. You can rein in your tongue – with God’s help!…

Faith and Deeds

May 20, 2018
Introduction: 1. A test of faith (v14-17). 2. The faith that alone saves, is never alone ... (v18-19) 2. The living faith of Abraham and Rehab (v20-26). Conclusion:
Introduction: 1. The cultural consequences of ‘Face’. 2. Three strong reasons why Face and Faith are Incompatible a. Face ignores the Glory of Christ (v1-4). b. Face demeans the Child…

Listen, Do, Love

April 29, 2018
Introduction: 1. The foundation of the Christian life (v18). 2. Keeping it real (v19-27) a. Listen! (v9-21). • The ear that is too slow to listen. • The tongue that…
Introduction: 1. Introducing James (v1). 2. Be mature (v2-4). 3. Be wise (v5-8). 4. Be godly (v9-12). 5. Further warnings and encouragements (v15-18). Conclusion: