March 11, 2018

A Commitment to the Truth

Passage: Titus 3
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1. Christians are to be Model Citizens (v1-2).

2. The knowledge of the Truth that leads to godliness (v3-8).
a. What we once were ... (v3)
b. How God’s mercy saves us ... (v4-7)
c. Stress these things! (v8)

3. Dealing with peace-breakers (v9-11).

4. Paul’s final remarks to Titus (v12-15).

The third aspect of leadership in Paul’s letter to Titus is the need for an ongoing commitment to the truth. In every sphere of life – whether in our private lives or our public lives – we are not to be hypocrites. Our Christian duty is to honour our God by being model citizens, devoting ourselves to doing what is good