December 18, 2022

Bethlehem and the Bride | Micah 5

Passage: Micah 5
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- What is the promise of Christmas?
1 The Promise: The Birth of a King (v1-5a).
2 The Provision: God’s Grace (v5b-15)
a He Saves Us from Our Enemies (v5b-6)
b He Redeems Us as a Remnant to Himself (v7-9)
c He Purifies Us from Sin and Idolatry (v10-15)

As promised, God has provided for us a King who was born in Bethlehem; and he has become our peace.
- By God’s grace, the Church is being prepared as a bride to receive her King.
- Rejoice in the promise of Christmas! God is faithful, his Word is true, and his
promises are sure.