July 31, 2022

Chaos in Creation | Revelation 8-9

Passage: Revelation 8-9
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1) A New Cycle Begins: Seven Trumpets (8:2).
2) The Prayers of the Saints (8:3-5).
3) Trumpets 1-4: Chaos in Nature (8:6-13).
4) Trumpets 5-6: Terrors on the Earth (9:1-19).
5) Will Anyone Repent? (9:20-21)

God’s plan for the planet does appear to involve some kind of climate chaos. But we’re not to be afraid!
- God is still merciful.
- God is in control.
- God is giving the world time to repent.
Whatever happens in the next 50 years, life is still there to be lived. So get out there and live it to God’s glory!