March 24, 2019

Daniel’s Prayer

Passage: Daniel 9:1-19
Service Type:


1) Looking for answers (v1-3).

• Daniel’s prayer life is targeted: Daniel 6:10.

• Seventy years of exile: Jeremiah 29:10.

2) Daniel’s great prayer (v4-19).

3) God’s greater reply: A powerful prophecy (v20-27).

• One day in seven: A Sabbath rest for God’s people.

• One year in seven: The land enjoyed its Sabbath rest.

• After seven years of ‘sevens’: The Jubilee year, 49 years. • After seventy (years of) ‘sevens’: A super-Jubilee, 490 years. ‘The Anointed One will be cut off” (v26): Counting from the exact date of Nehemiah’s request (March 444BC, Nehemiah 2:1), and counting 69 ‘sevens’ as 483 Lunar years (equal to 476 Solar years plus 25 years), you arrive at April 33AD, which is the actual date of Christ’s crucifixion. (Lennox, J., Against the Flow (2015), p199).

4) Lessons for Today.