August 23, 2020

Four Inspiring Visions to Revive the Church | Zechariah 1:18-4:14

Passage: Zechariah 1:18-4:14
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Zechariah’s visions…
- They relate first to Zechariah’s own time
- They look forward to the far-distant future
- They hope for the coming king, Christ the Lord

1. A Real Spiritual Battle (Ch1:18-21)
- Four horns – enemies of the church
- Four craftsmen – friends of the church
Craftsmen in Solomon’s day:
- Spirit-empowered builders
- God raises up men and women of Christian courage

2. A Repopulated Jerusalem (Ch2)
A man with a measuring line.
- The New Jerusalem will be huge, glorious and free.
- The LORD will be a wall of fire around it, and its glory within.
- The message: You need to think BIGGER!
- An inspiring vision for a weak and frightened church.
- Babylon is NOT your home: ‘Escape, you who live in the Daughter of Babylon’ (v7).
- You are ‘the apple of God’s eye’.
- The mysterious ‘me’ is Jesus – welcoming the nations home.

3. A Recommissioned Priesthood (Ch3)
Clean garments for the High Priest.
- Satan knows the letter of the Law… but he has never understood grace!
- Joshua needs a ‘robe of righteousness’ that he cannot supply for himself.
- This is also what Christ has done for you.

4. A Rebuilt Temple (Ch4)
A Golden Lampstand and two olive trees.
- God’s eternal presence to bless and protect.
- Build the Temple!
- Rebuilding points to the resurrection of Christ.
- See also: Revelation Ch11:3.

- A call to revive the mission and vision of our church.
- I dream of a church that…(see our church Mission and Vision statements.)
- ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty. (v8b-9)