August 30, 2020

Hell, and the Mercy of God | Zechariah 5-6

Passage: Zechariah 5-6
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- The church has gone ‘cold’ on Hell.
1. What is Hell?
- Hell is a real place. (Revelation 14:9-11; Matthew 25:41, 46)
- Hell is part of God’s good creation.
- Hell is eternal conscious punishment for the wicked.
- Hell is what makes the Gospel good news.
2. God’s Curse: The Flying Scroll (5:1-4)
- You can’t lock it out (without Jesus).
- You can’t socially distance yourself.
- God will act decisively to uphold justice.
- Only the righteous will live – by faithful obedience.
3. God’s Judgement: The Woman in a Basket (5:5-11)
- You don’t want to end up like this woman!
- ‘This is wickedness’…
- She is in hell. She is the original ‘basket case’.
4. God’s Victory and Rest: The Four Chariots (6:1-8)
- God’s victory is assured
- He can even use evil to achieve his good purposes
- It’s time to rebuild the Temple.
5. God’s Mercy: From Joshua to Jesus (6:9-15)
- ‘Behold the Man – the Branch is his name.’
- A Priest-King from David’s line.
The bad news:
- Hell will be populated by real people.
- Wickedness makes a ‘basket case’ of your life.
The good news:
- Jesus is the King of Mercy and of Grace… and he can save completely all
those who put their trust in Him.