November 1, 2020

Living in the Gutter | Romans 1:18-32

Passage: Romans 1:18-32
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- WCF 6: Of the Fall, of Sin, and of the Punishment thereof.
- Why should I care about sin?
1. The Nature of Sin: The Suppression of the Truth (v18-23)
- God is right to be angry with us.
2. The Consequence of Sin: Sin is a miserable business (v24-32)
- They exchanged… (v23, v25, v26)
- God gave them over… (v24, v26, v28)

- We should care about sin because God hates sin, and he will not leave
any sin unpunished. You are a sinner; but God still loves you.
- Jesus came to lift you up from the miry mud of this messed-up world.
-- Remember that we are all sinners.
-- Pray for one another.
-- Don’t hide the truth.
-- Put sin to death in your own life. (See Romans 12:1-3!)