July 26, 2020

Looking After God’s Flock | 1 Peter 5

Passage: 1 Peter 5
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Peter, the Apostle – a 'rough diamond', restored by Jesus.
'Feed my sheep.' (See: John 21)
1. Elders: Take Care of God’s Sheep (v1-4)
- Peter’s humility as a ‘fellow-elder’.
- Three important words:
- Elder (presbyter, priest) → Seniority, authority
- Shepherd (pastor) → Feed, care and protect
- Overseer (bishop) → Sharp-eyed sentry
- 'Presbyterian' – Church government by a team of elders.
- All elders are leaders, but not all leaders are elders.
- Male Eldership (core value of BPC), also allows for women in leadership.
2. Young men and ‘all of you’: Stay humble! (v5-7)
- Young men, learn from Peter’s example!
- All of you: Be careful of pride.
- Wealth, academic achievement, position, popularity.
- The impatience of youth; the stubbornness of old age.
- Humility is the ‘ointment’ that helps maintain peace.
- Multigenerational ministry (core value of BPC), something to keep aiming at.
- 'Cast all your anxieties upon him, because he cares for you'. (5:7)
- Don’t let fear be your master.
3. Wise Advice for Sensible Sheep (v8-14)
- 'Be self-controlled and alert.' (v8)
- Satan vs COVID-19.
- An unseen enemy… which is more dangerous?
- Why do we listen to the government, but not to Peter?!
- A 'global pandemic' called ‘Satan’.
- The Gospel is the 'true grace of God. Stand fast in it.' (v12)
- Elders: Take care of God's sheep.
- Young men: Be submissive as you grow in godliness.
- All of you: Be humble, self-controlled, alert. Resist the Devil. Be prepared to stand up for Jesus.

'Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may life you up in due time.' (v6)