Equipped to Serve: Character

February 25, 2018
Introduction: 1. Paul: A servant of God, an apostle of Christ (v1-4). • True faith and true knowledge lead to true godliness. • Serving the God who does not lie.…

From Fish Nets to Fig Trees

February 18, 2018
Introduction: 1. Journey’s Start: Watching and waiting (2:1) 2. Journey’s Way: Words of comfort and woe (2:2-20) a. The righteous will live by faith (v2-5). b. Woe, woe, woe, woe,…

The “Fish Net” Experience

February 11, 2018
Introduction: 1. Habakkuk’s world. 2. A good man living in bad times (v1-4). 3. God shocking solution (v5-11). 4. Habakkuk’s ‘fish net experience’ (v12-2:1). Conclusion:

A Matter of Life and Death

February 4, 2018
Introduction: 1. What is the Gospel? • The Gospel is good _________, not good ___________. • The Gospel is personal. • The Gospel is the only solution to God’s _____________.…

A Resilient Faith

January 21, 2018
Introduction: 1. Psalm 11: Trusting God in bad times. a. Coward’s cry (v1-3). b. Captain’s call (v4-7). 2. Psalm 12: Wise advice for bad times. a. What makes for bad…

Does God Really Care?

January 14, 2018
Introduction: 1. When God seems to be silent...(v1). 2. Pride and prejudice (v2-11). 3. The prayer of the righteous (v12-18). Conclusion:
Introduction: 1. ‘I will praise you, O Lord ...’ (v1-2) 2. The better God is known, the more He is trusted (v3-10). 3. The comforting doctrine of God’s justice (v11-18).…