August 8, 2021

Rock Bottom | Judges 21

Passage: Judges 21
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- ‘In those days Israel has no king; everyone did as he saw fit.’
- Israel hits ‘rock bottom’, but God’s grace provides unexpected hope.
1) Total Depravity (Ch 19-20).
2) Israel’s Lament (v1-4).
3) Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right (v5-23).
- Jabesh Gilead is annihilated (and 400 girls taken).
- The girls of Shiloh are abducted (and 200 girls taken).
4) Unexpected Hope (v24-25).
- When sin is ‘king’, life is miserable.
- In chaotic times, keep your eyes on King Jesus.
- God is the Judge who saves His people.
- Repent, and believe the good news.