September 15, 2019

Ten Words to Live By | Deuteronomy 5

Passage: Deuteronomy 5
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1. Birth of a Nation (v1-5) 

2. Love the LORD Your God (v6-15) 

a. No Other Gods (v6-7) 

b. No Idols (v8-10) 

c. No Misuse of God’s Name (v11) 

d. Observe the Sabbath Day (v12-15) 

3. Love Your Neighbour (v16-21) 

a. Honour your parents (v12) 

b. You shall not murder (v13) 

c. You shall not commit adultery (v14) 

d. You shall not steal (v15) 

e. You shall not give false testimony (v16) 

f. You shall not covet (v17) 

4. We Will Listen and Obey! (Not…) (v18-33) 


▪ More than mere rules, the 10 Commandments spell out the meaning of love in ten practical ways. First, they teach us how to live in right relationship with God and with one another. And then, they point us to Christ our Saviour who fulfils the Law for us even when we fail. 

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