December 13, 2020

The LORD Almighty Reigns | Zechariah 14

Passage: Zechariah 14

Why does God not intervene when we think He should?
1. The Future of Jerusalem (v1-11)
- The cliff: Terrible times before the end (v1-2)
- Christ will come, Christ will conquer (v3-11).
2. The Future of the Nations (v12-19)
- The cliff: Final plagues (v12-15)
- Joyful survivors worship the King (v16-19).
3. 'Holy to the LORD' (v20-21).

One King, One LORD, one God, one People, one Church. The LORD Almighty reigns. The Redeemed of the LORD (Jew and Gentile) will live in peace and holiness in a new Jerusalem, and the LORD will be King over the whole earth.