June 20, 2021

When Men Fail to be Men | Judges 4-5

Passage: Judges 4-5
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When men fail to be men, women have to take the lead.
1) The Feminine Touch: Deborah and Jael (Ch4).
2) Making Sense of Deborah’s Judgeship (Ch 5)
a) Godly Leadership is a male responsibility.
b) Mothers can be mighty force for good.
c) Exceptional Times, Exceptional God.
- Men: Be a godly man! Lead well in your family and your church.
- Women: Be a godly woman! Know that your gifts of care and encouragement
can make a mighty difference in the world. Expect the best from your men!
- Remember: God reserves to Himself the freedom to act in ways that are outside
the norm, and confound all our expectations.