August 21, 2022

An Unholy Trinity | Revelation 13

Passage: Revelation 13

Satan is the evil puppet-master behind the powers of this world. Together with his two beasts, the Anti-Christ and the Anti-Holy Spirit, he forms an unholy Trinity to weave a web of deception and capture the hearts of as many people as he can.
1) The Beast from the Sea (v1-10).

2) The Beast from the Earth (v11-17).

3) The Number of the Beast (v18).

- Freedom is fragile. The beast is hell-bent on taking away your personal freedom,
family freedom, and religious freedom.
- Keep your eyes open as to what’s happening in society and around the world – in
governments, schools, media, and so on.
- Be wise; ‘This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of the saints.’