How Churches Grow

February 3, 2019
Introduction:  1) Paul’s urgent request (v1-6).  2) Grace for growth (v7-10).  3) Gifts for growth (v11-13).  4) Goals for growth (v14-16).  Conclusion: 

Life Through the Spirit

January 20, 2019
Introduction:  1) No condemnation (v1-4).  2) Mind battle (v5-8).  3) Promise of resurrection (v9-11).  4) Led by the Spirit (v12-17).  Conclusion: 

Trusting God in the Darkness

January 13, 2019
Introduction:  1) The absent God? (v1)  2) A prayer of complaint (v2-11).  3) A prayer of hope (v12-18).  Conclusion:  Don’t let the evil you see in the world around you…

A Refuge for the Oppressed

January 6, 2019
Introduction:  1) ‘I will praise you, O Lord…’ (v1-2)  2) A warning to God’s enemies (v3-10).  3) Strong words for God’s people to sing (11-20).  Conclusion: