April 14, 2024

Our God, Our Guide | Psalm 48

Passage: Psalm 48
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We live in a generation which has moved away from definition other than for purposes
of making money, staying healthy, travelling safely. Yet in the area of belief we are
often asked to depend on feelings. The Bible is a book of facts. Psalm 48 presents a
picture of who God is & what he does. The writer does not speak of an idol shaped in
the image of man. He presents the creating, sustaining sovereign of all things. ‘The
God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.’

v14 “This GOD is our God for ever and ever; He will be our guide even unto death.”

# He is the God [v1] “who is great and worthy of praise”
# He is “the great King” [v2] Power and authority belong to him
# This God, who in himself, appears so terrible in power and majesty reveals himself as
a safe place to hide from our enemies [v3]. It is precisely because he is in complete
control that he can provide absolute protection.
# His very existence causes his enemies to tremble [v6]
# He is immovable. He cannot be overwhelmed or troubled [v8] “God establishes his
city for ever”. Tranquillity and stability are the marks of his rule.
# His loving kindness is available to all who will come to him. He came in Person -
Jesus the Son. He spoke in Person - saying, “Come follow me”. Jesus wept over
earthly Jerusalem when he came as the promised Messiah of Israel. [Matt 23:37] [v10]
His name demands praise “unto the ends of the earth”. We are called to obey.

# He created us. Rain falls on just & unjust. Sun shines on all who inhabit the earth
Psalm 145:15; 33:18; 34:15
# He gave His Son to die on the Cross for us and He raised him to life
# He is our God because he calls us to follow the Risen Jesus
He is the Lord God. By faith he becomes our Lord God.

You won’t need a guide in Heaven. Some people choose the level of obedience which
they find comfortable. They are like the man Jesus describes in Luke 12: The fool. It
is the desperate hanging on to the Word of the Guide which keeps us safe, and leads
to the summit of life. Those who want to enjoy the presence of the Lord in glory must
practise seeking that presence every moment now.