Jesus is the King of Truth

August 18, 2019
Introduction:  What is Truth?  1. An inconvenient truth (v18-32).  2. A dangerous truth (v33-38a).  3. A shocking truth (v38b-40).  Conclusion: 
 CONTEND EARNESTLY FOR THE FAITH Rev Tom Halls Sydney Australia The Letter of Jude “Contend earnestly for The Faith…once for all delivered to the saints…” v3  1 THE CRISIS “Certain…

The God who keeps me safe

August 4, 2019
Introduction:  1. David’s urgent prayer (v1-2).  2. Shepherd’s delight and shepherd’s warning (v3-8).  3. Foreshadowings of Christ (v9-11).  Conclusion:  The hard realities of life are not to be denied; but…