April 7, 2024

Stepping out in Faith & Hope | Psalm 125 126

Passage: Psalm 125 & 126

- What encouragement is there today for world-weary saints?

1. The Faith that Endures (Psalm 125)
- The Character of Saving Faith (v1-2).
- The Blessings of Saving Faith (v3-5).
2. The Hope that Sustains (Psalm 126)
- Looking Back: The Joy of Hope Fulfilled (v1-3).
- Looking Forward: The Promise of Hope to Come (v4-6).

- Just keep walking – one step at a time!
- Saving faith clings to God and never lets go.
- God’s love for his people is all-encompassing.
- The sceptre of the wicked is still active in the world, and will be until Christ
- Be faithful in prayer, and continue to do good.
- Love your enemies; trust God for the final outcome.
- The joy of salvation – every believer ought to remember and gain
- The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy