March 24, 2024

Nehemiah’s Final Reforms | Nehemiah 13

Passage: Nehemiah 13
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- How much harm can one person do? (Whatever happened to the Great Awakening?)
1. That was then, this is now (v1-3).
2. Eliashib goes “soft” on sin (v4-9).
3. What Nehemiah found (v10-29).
a. God’s Servants were Neglected (v10-14).
b. God’s Sabbaths were Ignored (v15-22).
c. God’s Marriage Standards were Broken (v23-29).
4. ‘Remember me with favour, O my God.’ (v30-31)

A good and godly leader finds a way through the obstacles of life – with God’s help and with hard work.
- Eliashib the High Priest (a very bad leader):
- Forgot his first love
- Went soft on sin
- Chose his friends badly
- Compromised on God’s Word
- Gave power to the ungodly.
- Nehemiah (a great and godly leader):
- Prayerful, courageous, passionate for the truth
- Took the hard decisions where necessary
- Persevered in doing what is right
- Loved God and cared for the people.