February 4, 2024

John’s Vision of Christ |  Revelation 1:9-20

Passage: Revelation 1:9-20
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1. Christ Is The ‘Ancient of Days’.
vv 14-16 – Six features are described – his hair, eyes, feet, voice, mouth, and the face.
cf. Daniel 7:9-10 and Ez. 43:2-23.

Isaac Watts:
‘Join all the glorious names;
Of wisdom, love, and power;
That ever mortals knew;
That angels ever bore:
All are too mean to speak His worth;
too mean to set my Saviour forth’.

2. Christ Is Holy as God Is Holy.
v.17a. John is so afraid he could die. cf. Ex. 3:3-5.

3. Yet He Draws Us Near to Himself.
- vv.17b-18. Christ can comfort us because he has defeated death.

- Christ can comfort us because he has no equal. cf. Isaiah 44:6-8.