February 11, 2024

The King’s Cupbearer | Nehemiah 1

Passage: Nehemiah 1
Service Type:

1. Introducing Nehemiah.
2. Bad News from Jerusalem (v1-4).
3. First Things First: Take it to the Lord in Prayer (v5-11).
- Humble but confident prayer.
- Confessing prayer.
- Biblical prayer.
- Passionate prayer.
- Petitioning prayer.

- What makes a great leader of God’s people? First things first! Knowing what’s really
important, and doing it.

- Consider Nehemiah:
- He was not a king, but he governed God’s people wisely.
- He was not a prophet, but he faithfully applied God’s Word.
- He was just a lay-person, but he loved the LORD and served him faithfully –
and that’s all God ever asks of a good leader.
- What difference can you make in the world that God has placed you in?