Battle Ready!

March 3, 2019
Introduction: 1) Our terrible enemy (v10-12). 2) Our God-given armour (v13-17). • The belt of ________________ (v14). • The breastplate of ___________________ (v14). • On your feet, the readiness of…
Introduction: Entering the minefield! (v21) Submission in marriage and in the home (5:22-6:9) Wives and husbands (5:22-33) Children and parents (6:1-4) Slaves and masters (6:5-9). Conclusion:

Christians Are Not Chameleons

February 10, 2019
Introduction: 1) Stop being chameleons (v17-19). 2) Turn back to God (v20-24). 3) Go and live for Christ (v25-32). • No more telling lies. • No more unhelpful anger. •…

How Churches Grow

February 3, 2019
Introduction:  1) Paul’s urgent request (v1-6).  2) Grace for growth (v7-10).  3) Gifts for growth (v11-13).  4) Goals for growth (v14-16).  Conclusion: 

The Greatest Gift of All

November 11, 2018
Due to recording issue, we lost the first 2 minutes of the sermon. Introduction: Dead or alive? (v1-2) The awful reality of life without Christ (v3) The Gospel of God's…