January 9, 2022

God is our Strength and Refuge | Psalm 46

Passage: Psalm 46
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- Psalm 46 is a testimony to God’s covenant faithfulness.
- The sons of Korah? (See Numbers 26:11)
1) God is our Refuge (v1-3)
- Mass-Formation Psychosis (the power of fear)
a) Extended isolation of an entire population.
b) An immediate threat.
c) Only one solution.
d) A mandate to enforce the solution.
2) A River of Gladness (v4-7)
- The Gihon Spring in Jerusalem.
- King Hezekiah survives Assyrian attack in 701BC.
3) The LORD Almighty is With Us (v8-11).
- It’s time to break the ‘spell’ of Covid fear.
- There is an immunity to fear that God offers us in Psalm 46.
- Take refuge in the Lord and enter the city where he dwells – which is the church.