April 2, 2023

Portrait of a Lady | Proverbs 8

Passage: Proverbs 8
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- The case of Moira Deeming.
1. Wisdom’s Call (v1-11).
2. Wisdom’s Character (v12-21).
3. Wisdom’s Creativity (v22-31).
4. Wisdom’s Covenant (v32-36).

Despite the effects of sin, it IS possible to live a good life in a fallen world – if you listen to the Voice of God’s Wisdom:
- Wisdom leads us to the truth (v6).
- Wisdom enriches our souls. More precious than rubies, nothing you desire can
compare with her (v11).
- Wisdom lends practical help to the process of making good decisions (v14).
- Wisdom equips you to lead (v15).
- Wisdom opens the door to Eternal Life through faith in Jesus Christ our Lord