December 3, 2023

The Upright Judge | Psalm 75

Passage: Psalm 75
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1. ‘We give thanks to you, O God!’ (v1)
2. ‘It is I who judge uprightly!’ (v2-5)
3. Three lessons for mankind (v6-8)
a. Salvation comes from God alone (Look up!)
b. God will bring everyone to account.
c. The cup of the LORD’s wrath will be poured out.
4. Life beyond judgement (v9-10).

- God is the Upright Judge who judges uprightly.
- God’s judgement is real.
- The wicked will not escape
- Make your peace with God through Jesus Christ.
- Defend the Rule of Law
- Pray to the Upright Judge about injustice in the world.
- Uphold principles of justice from a Biblical point of view.
- Keep your focus on the Eternal Gospel.