Introduction: 1) Fact: The Empty Tomb (v1-3). 2) Foretold: He has Risen! (v4-8) 3) True or False: What Happened? (v9-12) 4) Implications of the Resurrection. Conclusion: - Believe in the…

Come and See! | Luke 2:8-20

December 27, 2020
Introduction: 1. The Significance of the Shepherds (v8). 2. The Message for Mankind (v9-11). 3. The Sign of the Saviour (v12-14). 4. How will You Respond? (v15-20). Conclusion:

Just Say the Word

September 24, 2017
Introduction: 1. Unexpected Faith: Jesus heals the Centurion’s servant (v1-10). • Jesus cares for outsiders. 2. Unexpected Grace: Jesus raises the widow’s son (v11-17). • Jesus cares for the vulnerable…

Good News for the Lost

September 10, 2017
Introduction: This is one of three parables addressed to the Scribes and Pharisees in response to why Jesus associated with publicans and sinners (15:1-3). Jesus shows us in this parable…