December 24, 2023

The Annunciation of Christ’s Birth | Luke 1:26-38

Passage: Luke 1:26-38
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- The Annunciation is the moment where Mary learns that she's going to be the
mother of the Messiah.

1. When it happened: 'In the sixth month ...' (v26-27).

2. To whom it happened: The virgin Mary (v28-33).

3. How it happened: A miracle of God (v34-37).

4. Why does it matter? (v38)

- Believe in the Virgin Birth.
- Celebrate Christ this Christmas and don’t let people cancel his Jesus’ Name.
- Worship Jesus as Lord because he is our Immanuel.
- He is our Creator – who holds time and eternity in his hands.
- He is our Redeemer – who conquers sin, death, and the Devil on the cross.
- And he is our Friend – who understands all of our human frailties, and yet
loves us still!