February 27, 2022

Life in the Garden of Eden | Genesis 2:4-25

Passage: Genesis 2:4-25
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- Who am I? What is my purpose and my place in the universe? How, then, do I live in a world that is NOT Eden?

1) God (v4).
2) Man (v5-7).
3) Garden (v8-17).
4) Woman (v18-25).

- Gender matters. Male or female, I am a human being, born of dust but raised to life by God – my Heavenly Father.
- Manhood matters. There is an order in creation that we cannot undo. The work of providing, caring, and protecting the family is especially given to the sons of Adam.
- Womanhood matters. Femininity is celebrated in the Bible as God’s final act of creation. So the dignity of the daughters of Eve is upheld as God’s original gift to
the sons of Adam.
- The World matters. Though broken by sin, the essential goodness of Creation is
affirmed. Our purpose today is to glorify God by completing the good work he gave us to do as we await the day of our redemption.