May 29, 2022

Christ’s Word to the Seven Churches – Part 1 | Revelation 2

Passage: Revelation 2
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1) Ephesus (v1-7).
2) Smyrna (v8-11).
3) Pergamum (v12-17).
4) Thyatira (v18-29).

- Each church is different: They each have their own character, strengths and
weaknesses. Some are strong in doctrine; others, are strong in courage and love. Some are materially very poor. Some are growing. Others are in need of revitalisation.
- Each church is the same: They each need to hear what the Spirit says to the churches. They need encouragement, they need to be called to persevere as they await the day of Christ’s return.
- Be an overcomer! Don’t despair. Christ is with you, and his Word is full of grace to strengthen us and prepare us for eternity.