January 14, 2024

My Help Comes from the LORD |  Psalm 120 & 121

Passage: Psalm 120 - 121
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1. The Journey Begins (Psalm 120)
a. 'Save me, O LORD, from lying lips …' (v1-2).
b. A warning for doubters and deceivers (v3-4).
c. Longing for home (v5-7).

2. Lift Up Your Eyes to the LORD (Psalm 121)
a. 'My help comes from the LORD …' (v1-2).
b. The LORD is our Guardian and our Guide (v3-6).
c. Let the journey begin! (v7-9=8)

- We live in a broken world – it hurts.
- Look for grace in a crisis. God can bring good out of evil.
- God’s judgement is real. Take the warnings of hell seriously.
- God is near to all who turn to him in faith.
- Jesus is our Guardian and our Guide – follow Him!