December 12, 2021

The Wings of Grace | Ruth 2:1-3:9

Passage: Ruth 2:1-3:9
Service Type:

1) Venturing Out (2:1-3).
2) Being Noticed (2:4-7)
3) Ruth Experiences Human Kindness (2:8-16).
4) Naomi Recognises God’s Kindness (2:17-23).
5) 'Spread your wing over me…' (3:1-9)
- Grace (in its simplest form) is kindness – especially, kindness that is undeserved by
the one who receives it.
- Remember that we are all like Ruth – born into sin, with no right to be included in
the heavenly assembly.
- Those who come to Jesus and seek refuge under his wings will never be refused.
His is our kinsman-redeemer. (Ephesians 1:7-8).