September 26, 2021

Can There Be Peace? | Isaiah 26:1-13

Passage: Isaiah 26:1-13
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1) We Have a Strong City
Boast of 8th Century Judah “We have a strong city.....walls and ramparts of salvation” [v1].Compared with Moab “brought to the ground” [25:12]
The city awaits inhabitants; Like Garden of Eden before man
Now “the righteous nation keeping faithfulness” [v2; 1:26]
2) We Enjoy Peace of Mind
They struggle with oppression and holiness, but find peace of mind because they trust in The Firm One “everlasting rock” [v3-4]. They trust him “forever”
Those who trust in themselves “the lofty city” [v5]
are brought down … ”laid in the dust”
trodden down by the poor and needy [v6]
Those who submit to the Lord, seeing their need, find peace
3) We Have Waited For God
“This is our God.....we have waited for him...” [25:9]
“We wait in the way of your judgements” [26:8]
Seeking God’s way means a smooth walk. [v7]
Waiting for his judgements does not frustrate them
Living righteously is an intensely personal experience ‘Immortalising’ God’s name
the “desire of my soul” [v8]
through the long dark night of affliction [v9a]
in the glorious morning of redemption [v9b]
We wait for “his judgement on earth” when “all learn righteousness”
The “the wicked will not learn...” [v10]. They take his favour for granted
they deal unjustly despite his mercy [v10b]
“they will not recognise the Majesty of the Lord” [v10c]
4) We Proclaim Your Name
[i] The Lord exercises power in his world
unbelievers do not see it as such [v11a]
God’s zeal for his people challenges unbelief [v11b]
sadly it will not save those who persist [v11c]
[ii] “The Lord will ordain peace for us” [v12]
He provides what evades sinful man
Past blessing supports our confidence [v12b]
[iii] We have transferred allegiance to the Lord
“Others have had dominion over us..” [v13a]
Now the Lord enables us to proclaim His name [v13b]